Our participants are the cornerstone of the work we do for our clients.  We are always looking for people with varying levels of athleticism, fitness, and sporting backgrounds.

“John & Pro conduct their studies with true professionalism and also make this unique testing environment fun and relaxed.” – Tracy M., Participant

What People Have Said

  • Tracy McEachern

    I have participated in research projects with the CSI Alberta’s Sport Product Testing group. John and Pro conduct their studies with true professionalism and also make this unique testing environment fun and relaxed. I’m a very inquisitive person by nature, and I was impressed with their depth of knowledge when answering my many questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to participate in another study.

    Tracy McEachern
    Metallurgical Engineer, former Varsity volleyball athlete, avid fitness enthusiast
    Validation Study participant

  • Lyndon Rush

    The CSI Alberta’s Sport Product Testing group has the unique opportunity to interact with some of Canada’s top athletes and coaches. My experience as a User Testing participant was valuable on a couple levels. As a recently retired athlete I am still quite in touch with the latest in sport science, and the product I tested had to satisfy the standards I have developed over many years of training to be the best in my sport. As a national team coach, I am very interested in how wearable devices can be effectively utilized by my athletes during daily training. I really like the way Pro and John outlined their expectations for the product testing and their understanding of sport and technology made it easy for me to convey my experiences while using the product.

    Lyndon Rush
    Bobsleigh Olympic & World Championships Medalist, Coach
    User Testing participant

  • Marianne Portelance

    I had an awesome experience during product testing with the Sport Product Testing group at the CSI Alberta. The team working with me was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole testing process. They took the time to explain the science behind each step which made the whole experience very educational. I would definitely consider doing testing again with the Sport Product Testing group in the future.

    Marianne Portelance
    Research Study participant

  • Nicole Oudenaarden

    I have participated in several projects for the Sport Product Testing group at the CSI Alberta.  As an elite athlete, I had the opportunity to learn about the various protocols being used to collect data and better understand how specific products could benefit my training, performance, and daily life.  John and Pro were always patient when answering my questions, ensured a professional environment and that all data was accurate and confidential.  I truly enjoyed being a participant and would be willing to work alongside them more as they navigate the ever-expanding world of technologies specific to athletics and fitness.

    Nicole Oudenaarden
    BSc Kinesiology, Elite Track and Field Athlete
    User Testing & Validation Study Participant

We appreciate the time commitment of our participants and offer compensation for all projects.  If interested in participating in our ongoing projects for our valued clients, please use the form on our Contact page and choose Testing Participation in the drop down menu.