We work with world leading sports, fitness, wellness, and technology companies, to help make their products more accurate and usable by understanding the human-product interaction through validation and usability testing. 

Below are some of the clients we have worked with.

They were excellent in scoping out the project to create clear timelines and deliverables and were able to effectively deliver to high pressure time constraints.” – Rob G., lululemon


SPT works jointly with scientists and engineers at Under Armour on various projects related to footwear and technology.

  • Testimonial – Michael M.

    We required a large and diverse group of athletes for testing.  The SPT group was able to easily meet our needs with great access to athletes backed by state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to operate and collect data.  As our project was time sensitive, we needed the work done quickly and were Incredibly impressed and appreciative of the work done for us.  They are very skilled at collecting very clean data.”

    Michael Mazzoleni, PhD
    Senior Lead Algorithm Engineer
    Under Armour Inc., Baltimore, MD

  • Testimonial – Jeff P.

    The SPT group has access to groups of athletes from many different sports and the facilities required to do high-level biomechanical and physiological testing.  Pro & John were able to add value in helping us fine-tune our testing protocol and it was clear that they were accomplished, experienced scientists.  External research and testing may bring credibility to the claims of a product that a consumer may not believe when it comes directly from the manufacturer.”

    Jeff Pisciotta
    Former Senior Director Biomechanics/Innovation
    Under Armour Inc., Portland, OR


SPT has worked on several different projects for lululemon related to biomechanics and usability of sport and wellness products.

Testimonial – Rob G.

Whitespace R&D had the pleasure of collaborating with CSI Alberta in 2017, having specifically sought out their domain expertise in human movement biomechanics, as well as their world class testing facilities.  Pro and John were excellent in scoping out the project to create clear timelines and deliverables and were able to effectively deliver to high pressure time constraints.  We look forward to further collaborative opportunities and highly recommend their services in human performance testing and product validation.”

Rob Gathercole, PhD
Research Director
Whitespace Innovation Team


SPT has carried out validation testing and usability testing on various products with OHR technology.  It was our pleasure to work closely with scientists at Polar Electro and learn from their years of experience in HR monitoring.  We are proud to have published a paper in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise from one of our projects.

Comparison of Polar M600 Optical Heart Rate and ECG Heart Rate during Exercise

Testimonial – Raija L.

Polar Electro is proud to work with the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta on product validation and end-user testing. They have been very accommodating and flexible in all project phases, and managed timelines and tasks efficiently. We are extremely satisfied with this collaboration and warmly recommend their services for product validation and user testing.”

Dr. Raija Laukkanen, PhD, FACSM
Director, Science Collaborations
Polar Electro Oy, HQ, Finland


SPT assessed the effectiveness and usability of a weighted compression suit prototype among a recreational athlete population.  It was a pleasure to work with Ryan on all phases of this study.  His passion for this unique concept is contagious!

Testimonial – Ryan R.

The Sport Product Testing group at the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta stood out from every other sports performance lab I found online when I started my search. My first meetings with John and Pro continued to impress as I found out really quickly they are experts in their industry. It was an incredible experience and blessing to have the opportunity to hire the SPT team for our study. The study went great and provided baseline data we will use to achieve our next milestones. We look forward to hiring SPT for all of our future testing needs.

Ryan “RENERGY” Rendfrey
Founder & CEO, Hero Gear Inc.