We have collaborated and partnered with key educational institutions and industries to align with some of the best research institutes, students, and global technology providers.

“It was a rich learning environment and Pro & John were creative and driven mentors.” – Kenzie F., Practicum Student

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

SPT has a mutually beneficial partnership with the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary providing us with high quality resources, practicum students, access to the Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board, and research collaborations with world renowned experts in the field of sports science and technology.

  • Testimonial – Larry K.

    The Sport Technology Research Lab has collaborated with the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta on a number of research and development projects over the years. Working with the CSI Alberta, we have established internships and practicum placements for undergraduate and graduate students and visiting national/international students to help them develop expertise in performance analysis and validation of innovative sport technologies. We have also collaborated on developing new resources and publishing our research results.

    Larry Katz, Ph.D.
    Professor and Director, Sport Technology Research Lab
    Faculty of Kinesiology
    The University of Calgary

  • Testimonial – Alex C.

    I have collaborated with the Sport Product Testing group in a variety of biomechanical projects. The experience of working within this unique team has been exciting, not only because of the high-quality work provided in a professional and timely manner, but also due to the learning and development process involved in my academic and business career. I particularly enjoyed being able to use state-of-the-art equipment and gain valuable research knowledge from John and Pro.

    Alexandre Campelo (PhD Candidate)
    Faculty of Kinesiology

Suunto / Movesense

Vantaa, Finland

SPT joined the Movesense partner network in May of 2018 to offer its world class expertise for product performance evaluation and usability testing services to help developers using the Movesense platform with their product research and testing needs.

Chemnitz University of Technology

Chemnitz, Germany

Since 2015, SPT has hosted master’s degree students from Chemnitz University of Technology, who are pursuing practical experience as part of their graduate degree in human movement science.  These motivated students have been included and instrumental in all aspects of research and product testing.

  • Testimonial – Sven W.

    I had the honor of working with Pro and John on several projects while on a university internship. I was impressed by the professionalism and extensive expertise both have in the execution of product testing. This experience was a positive factor in my personal development and would highly recommend collaboration with the Sport Product Testing group at the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta.

    Sven Wörner
    MSc in Human Movement Science

  • Testimonial – Sabrina B.

    During my stay abroad in Canada I had the pleasure to do my internship a the CSI Alberta with Pro & John.  I had the privilege to work on two extensive projects and got great insight into biomechanics and sport product testing.  Due to the professionalism and the extensive knowledge of Pro & John, I benefited greatly and had an excellent learning experience which enriched my studies and professional career.

    Sabrina Bräuer
    MSc in Human Movement Science

  • Testimonial – Friedrich C.

    Working with the Sport Product Testing group at the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta was one of the best experiences in my ongoing career. During my Master of Science degree, I had the honor of spending a six month practicum with Pro and John while working on several product testing projects related to human performance and movement. Along with the professionalism and tremendous knowledge of Pro and John in the fields of product testing, performance analysis and biomechanics, the CSI Alberta offered me access to Olympic athletes, the latest measurement devices and other professionals in the field of sport medicine and physiology, which is a great benefit for companies that are interested in product validation and usability testing.

    Friedrich Czarnecki
    MSc in Human Movement Science

  • Testimonial – Fabienne W.

    I started my semester abroad in Canada near the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, but I feel very grateful that I was still able to perform my practicum at the CSI Alberta.  I was very impressed with how my instructors Pro and John involved my study colleague and myself in their project work, despite this difficult situation. They challenged me and supported me, even when working remotely, so I was able to gain great insights during the ongoing projects related to product testing and perception analysis during running.  Learning from Pro’s and John’s expertise and professionalism along with the collaboration with international running shoe manufacturers has enriched my professional and personal development.  I highly recommend collaborating with the Sport Product Testing team at the CSI Alberta both for students and professionals who are interested in product validation and human performance analysis.

    Fabienne Wendinger
    MSc in Human Movement Science

  • Testimonial – Sophia K.

    My practicum abroad at the CSI Alberta was a valuable learning experience and I am very grateful for the educational time. I had the privilege of working on a running project over the summer months with Pro and John, who were always helpful. The practicum included many responsibilities, as well as opportunities to make decisions on my own which was especially beneficial for my future in research. I am very thankful for the opportunity to complete my practicum at the CSI Alberta – it was definitely a worthwhile experience.”

    Sophia Koschinski
    MSc in Human Movement Science

  • Testimonial – Matteo H.

    During my master´s degree I had the joy to do a practicum abroad with the Sport Product Testing group at the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta. I really enjoyed being a part of the team around Pro and John and learned a lot in the exchange with everybody involved. Also, I really appreciated the opportunity to experience different measurement systems and was given responsibility and confidence right from the beginning. To sum up, I obtained valuable practical knowledge about human motion data collection and analyses and would consider this experience as one of the best and worthwhile semesters during my academic studies.

    Matteo Hill
    MSc in Human Movement Science

Liberty University

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

SPT was pleased to have a student athlete from Liberty University choose to complete a practicum course with us.

Testimonial – Kenzie F.

My experience working as a practicum student at CSI Alberta was profound and educational.  The innovative state of the art facility houses many research resources and biomechanical analysis tools.  I had the privilege of learning to implement and study biomechanics with several different technologies in a variety of settings including Sport Product Testing, athlete performance development, and injury assessment.  The biomechanics team and resources sit right alongside many sport medicine professionals with a wealth of knowledge and some of the world’s best athletes.  It was a rich learning environment and Pro and John were creative and driven mentors.

Kenzie Friesen
Master of Exercise Science (concentration in Human Performance)
Liberty University

University of Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SPT was fortunate to host a PhD candidate from the University of Montreal during a 4-month internship.

Testimonial – Gauthier D.

As part of my PhD, I had the opportunity to spend 4 months with the Sport Product Testing group at the CSI Alberta.  During this rewarding experience, I assisted with data collection and data analysis of several projects that allowed me to practice my knowledge in biomechanics and to obtain critical skills to work in this field.  Pro & John are very skilled and professional and I would highly recommend collaboration with them.

Gauthier Desmyttere
PhD candidate (Physical Activity Sciences)
University of Montreal

Neuronic Works

North York, Ontario, Canada

SPT has a collaborative technology partnership with NeuronicWorks, the leading design engineering house based in the heart of Canada’s leading tech community. NeuronicWorks provides turnkey, end-to-end, custom electronic product design and embedded engineering services including hardware design, embedded firmware, software development, application development, graphic and industrial design, mechanical design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

University of Regina

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The SPT group had the pleasure of hosting an undergraduate student from the University of Regina during a final semester practicum.

Testimonial – Georgia K.

Working with the Sport Product Testing group was the most hands-on, educational, and thought-provoking experiences I had in my university career. Pro, John, and the team at the CSI Alberta provided me with outstanding experiences in biomechanics, data collection, and data analysis, all while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. I could not recommend a better place for students and professionals to work than with SPT to gain experience in product testing and validation.

Georgia Kaluznick
BKin Human Kinetics
University of Regina

If you are a highly motivated student with a passion for sport, technology, and analytics and would like to pursue an internship or practicum with SPT at the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta please contact us.

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