Affiliation with the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta allows SPT to utilize world class testing facilities and equipment.

For more information about the facilities & equipment we use please take a tour below.

The SPT group has access to athletes and the facilities to do high-level biomechanical and physiological testing.” – Jeff P., Under Armour
  • Biomechanics Laboratory

  • Exercise Physiology Laboratory

  • Strength and Power Laboratory

  • Biochemistry Laboratory

  • 100m Track

Take a virtual tour of the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta’s facilities

  • Biomechanics | Strength & Power Labs

  • Exercise Physiology Labs / Biochemistry Lab

  • 100M Track

SPT also has access to the following facilities and equipment

    • Ice House sliding centre
    • 4 hockey rinks
    • Snowboard Superpipe
    • Skiing Treadmill
    • Super Trampoline
    • Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill
    • HydroWorx underwater treadmill